PrepMum was a life saver when I was pregnant with my 1st child. I was sick all through my pregnancy which meant I couldn’t do much but the amazing thing was that, with PrepMum; I didn’t have to. PrepMum pretty much did everything for me- from shopping for my baby, to buying all my maternity clothes and even coming all the way to my house to get my measurements taken for my maternity and nursing bras towards the end of my pregnancy. Even now that my Son is here, I still run to PrepMum when confused about what stroller to get for my son, what toddler car seat is best, etc.  Thank you Prep Mum for making Motherhood so much easier especially for first time Mothers like myself.
Siji First Time Mum
PrepMum has been an absolute SAINT when I was pregnant. I enrolled their services after being placed on bed rest. PrepMum did 99% of the baby prep. I can’t thank Rachel enough for the peace of mind throughout my pregnancy. Baby and I (he’s now 2) are all very grateful for your loving expert and devoted care. Thank you for your amazing prepping skills, shopping advice which means I didn’t waste money on non-essentials and spent money where it’s worthwhile. I asked Rachel to supply me with a year worth of baby clothing as I live in Nigeria and unsure of how often I would be able travel to the UK, Rachel did not hesitate, she did everything perfectly.   P.s stroller is still waxing strong travelling across the globe (4 continents and counting).
PriyaFirst Time Mum
Being a first time mum I was excited but also clueless as to what I will need for the arrival of my baby. But PrepMum was really helpful, being a tall person I found it difficult getting a pram that is suitable for me, she not only advice what buggies to buy but also the reason why that particular buggies will compatible for me and my lifestyle, PrepMum also helped with practically everything, from the type of baby feeding bottle, to breast pump, pushchair and even car seat. Although I am not UK base PrepMum made sure the communication of what I want very easy, she made sure I wore the right maternity bra during my whole pregnancy. I will definitely use PrepMum for my next pregnancy and recommend her as she is very professional, friendly and know what she is talking about… Thanks PrepMum looking forward to next time.
CarolineFirst Time Mum
My experience with PrepMum was invaluable! I was a clueless 1st time mummy with no experience with babies! Prep mum helped me from the beginning to the final stages! Virtually wrote my baby list, recommending products from as little as baby sponge, towel to mattress, cot and car seat! I went from panicky mom to excited and well prepared mum with the help of PrepMum! I would definitely be using her next time and highly recommend her services!
KofoFirst Time Mum