Towards the end of the first trimester your body will continue to change. Your breasts in particular may become fuller and your current bra may be uncomfortable or cause irritation. This is a good time to invest in a maternity bra. Maternity bras are designed to offer support during pregnancy and we therefore recommend non-wired bras to avoid discomfort on the breast bone and tissue and accommodate your changing shape.

We advise mums-to-be to book at least three bra fittings during the course of your pregnancy; one during each trimester and a nursing bra, if desired.

Pregnancy styling can be a challenge and some Mums-to-be often find it difficult to find outfits that are stylish as well as comfortable.

At Prepmum, our job is to make you look and feel just as fabulous as you were pre-pregnancy. We have partnered with various clothing companies that supply suitable, comfortable and trendy clothes you can wear during pregnancy as well as providing tips on how to utilise items you already have in your wardrobe.

This is a tailored service provided for both Mums-to-be and babies. Our product experts will recommend, source out and shop for suitable brands compatible to each Mum’s specific lifestyle and individual needs.

Tailored service provided for all Mums-to-be. Our product experts will be carrying out all your baby shopping needs.

This involves the following steps:

First step.

Each Mum-to-be will be provided with a supply catalogue which specifies their requirements. For example, colour preference, styles and general support they feel they will require.

Second Step

The next stage consists of creating a Baby Shopping list to ensure you have the right products for when Baby arrives. At this stage we go through items for Mum and Baby which is grouped in two sections; “Essential” and “Want”.

Third Step.

Once we have gone through Mum’s requirements and the Baby Shopping list, the next step is the Brand Recommendations, compiling all the information we have gathered in the previous two steps. Some products will be demonstrated for Mum’s at the comfort of their home.

Final stage

Once we have confirmation on the required products, brands and colours, off to the shops we go to purchase each item. Delivery will be around 36 weeks of pregnancy. This is an optional service.

As parents you’ll naturally want your baby’s first bedroom to be cute, cosy and most importantly comfortable and that’s why we have collaborated with various designers, who are dedicated in creating the perfect nursery for your new-born. At Prepmum we provide a range of gorgeous nursery essentials such as furniture, bedding sheets, blankets and duvet covers; perfect for creating your dream nursery.

Why stress about your Baby Shower, let Prepmum take care of it. We provide planning and management services including full set-up and complete organization the day of your baby shower.

At PrepMum we prepare our standard hospital bag which consists of all the essentials for labour and birth along with clothes to wear once discharged from hospital. This is usually packed and ready around 36 weeks.

Even if you are having a home birth, it’s still a good idea to have your bags prepped so that everything is ready and in one place. It also means that should you have to go into hospital at the last minute, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is what to take and where it all is.

Even after all the preparation, the baby arrives with cries, laughs and plenty of surprises. Our post pregnancy service is for Mums who require further assistance after giving birth. Whether you need help shopping for clothes or advice on the next stage car seat or local toddler playgroups, we are here to help.

Pregnancy is the first part of the journey, Motherhood is the next step!

We are able to recommend private midwives to clients if required. Our midwives offer various services including the following:

  • Antenatal Support
  • Birth Care & Support
  • Postnatal Care

After baby is born, the joy and excitement can often be combined with a lack of sleep and worrying about your new responsibilities as a parent. Our midwives are here to help and support you throughout this time. Your midwife will visit you in hospital and/or at home and complete the physical checks for you and baby, assist with feeding and also provide emotional support.

If you are having problems breastfeeding, we can put together an intensive breastfeeding support package for you. This package includes daily visits for 7 days to support you as you establish a convenient breastfeeding routine.


  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Homemaker & Baby Care

Having a new baby changes your focus and it can seem like there isn’t enough hours in the day to take care of baby, yourself as well as your house. You may need additional support; someone to look after your baby whilst you catch up with some sleep, recharge your batteries or just have some “You time”

It is important that this is someone you can trust and our homemaker support from Midwifery Support Workers can help you during these times. The service includes babysitting and light household duties. We also find that some of our mums who have a caesarean section want someone with them to care for them overnight in hospital. Again, our Midwifery Support Workers can provide this reassurance and care alongside the NHS midwife.

We have an In house photographer that will work with you to capture a range of precious moments from pregnancy to new-born photos.